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We strive to build trust with society through our efforts to operate with high values and integrity, and to find new ways to expand patient access to our treatments.



Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry in India has observed significan! growth in Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) in recent years.


The lndian pharmaceulical Industry is the thirteenth-largest in terms of value and third-largest in terms of volume, globally. It has established itself as a global manufacturing and research hub.

Ethical Marketing

Currently exports products in around 50 countries worldwide that pr marily includes Oncology. Hormone, Anti-biotics, and Nutraceuticals. Soon exports are supposed to commence in regulated markets as well.

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential operation for every pharmaceutical company. Drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeutically active formulations whose performance is consistent and predictable. New and better medicinal agents are being produced at an accelerated rate. At the same time, more exacting and sophisticated analytical methods are being developed for theirevaluation





Quality Control of Variation

The quality of any drug given by us is always assured and we have the sale responsibility on it, that it does not show any variation from the prescribed standards of quality. We ensure that quality variation does not occur due to any mistake during the whole process, i.e, from the reception of raw material up to final product in the packaged form. Controlling each and every step of the processing can control variations, keeping this in mind we divide it into .

Material Control

This we immediately start just after the reception of the material. Most of the materials that we receive are active substances, excipients, packaging and printing materials which we receive from the suppliers.

Manufacturing Control

All the wordkers are properly check all the process in differents stages and been monitored by highly educated and experienced persons who are not only well qualified but experienced as well.

Packcaging Control

When the product come in packaging section, it should be packed in recommended containers and there should not be any mistake in case of labeling and writing of batch number; etc. The packaging control is usually completed.

Distribution Control

We ensure proper and effective distribution of the products as per demand. The responsibilities of Quality Control Department are not finished even after the distribution of finished dosage form in the market.

Quality Assurance

lt is the sum total of the organized arrangements with the objective of ensuring that products will be of the quality required for their intended use. lt is that part of GMP aimed at ensuring that products are consistently manufactured to a quality appropriate to their intended use. AII those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product will satisfy the requirements for quality is assured.

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We constantly evolve our business to create a patient-centric portfolio, comprised of a wide range of products and treatments to address unmet medical needs. Our goal is to develop innovative products for growing healthcare areas.

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